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About Adopt Change

Adopt Change is an Australian-based not-for profit organisation which exists to ensure every child can be part of a permanent, loving and stable family and home. We raise community awareness, encourage reform and empower Australians to work towards all children having permanency and positive life outcomes. We support capacity building of families to ensure that vulnerable children are able to remain within their birth family where possible. When that is not possible or safe, we advocate for other permanent options, including adoption where appropriate.  

Adopt change also works to educate and support with research, pre- and post-adoptive supports, information and community events, as well as working with governments, departments and the sector to address issues surrounding permanency for children.

For more information visit: www.adoptchange.org.au

National Adoption Awareness Week 

The National Permanency Conference is being held during the 10th National Adoption Awareness Week, 12-18 November 2017.

National Adoption Awareness Week (NAAW) exists to raise awareness of adoption and the importance of permanency for children, along with providing education on the support needs of children and families.

Along with the conference there are a number of events being held during the week across the country. The aim is to promote reform of Australia's adoption laws and practices to facilitate a community that looks after our most vulnerable – our children.